Our Vision

To extend the reach of nonprofits and empower them to serve out their mission.

Our Mission

To serve those who serve others.

What We do

Over the years, working with nonprofits, we recognize that nonprofits can sometimes be a bit hesitant to adopt and leverage virtual tools, systems and teams to improve their productivity and bottom line of their operations.

As a small virtual staff of nonprofit experts, we’ve learned how to create efficient, cost-effective processes to automate many of the operational functions unique to nonprofit organizations and their staff.

We dedicate our efforts to emphasizing a practical approach to building and managing nonprofit organizations in a virtual environment.

With a particular focus on utilizing technology and systems, our experience includes working with membership organizations, charities and coalitions in the areas of project management, process improvement, systems development, event planning, grants management and marketing.

With a record of commitment to the advancement of the nonprofit community, our hope is that, by sharing our expertise, nonprofits are empowered to start, manage and grow!